2018 World Internet Of Things Convention (2018 WIOTC)logo

The Internet of Things Innovation Alliance (IOTIA) is a cooperative innovation platform initiated and created by World Chinese Business Alliance, World Internet of Things Convention Organizing Committee and Chinese Internet of Things Development Fund Preparatory Committee. Following the spirit of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” brought up by Primer Li Keqiang, such platform for cooperation and innovation was formed for all startups, innovation companies and enterprises in transition to better understand the structure of the emerging Chinese and global IOT economy, to advance and take the lead in the coming intelligent IOT era, to facilitate the development of the IOT industry and to join in the investment, cooperation, production and spread of IOT industry, thus accomplishing the mission of the WIOTC.

Internet of Things Innovation Alliance(IOTIA) Purpose: Work Together to Realize the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation and Forge the New Economy in the WIOT era.

Internet of Things Innovation Alliance(IOTIA) Positioning: As a non-profitable, service organization under the guidance of Chinese IOT Development Fund Preparatory Committee and WIOTC Organizing Committee, the IOTIA is an innovative platform that helps individuals and companies to seek new business opportunities in the IOT industry. It is formed to spread IOT knowledge, promote the development of the IOT industry, help to convene WIOTC and encourage individuals and companies alike to seize new business opportunities in the coming IOT era.

Internet of Things Innovation Alliance(IOTIA) Objective: To pool intellects, innovative talents, organizations and individuals with startup inclination, to hold various interactive activities, to cultivate the sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, to improve ability of entrepreneurship and innovation and to promote the integration of talents, projects and funds, thus forging the new economy in the WIOT era.

Internet of Things Innovation Alliance(IOTIA) Tasks: Promote IOT innovation economy through spreading IOT knowledge and China’s IOT technology standard;promote WIOTC activities through drawing in investment, sponsors, advertisement, participants and exhibitors for WIOTC;provide innovation and transformation opportunity for the enterprises through holding training programs including lectures and Salon activities related to innovation and entrepreneurship;help to cultivate innovative ability and build innovation network from all social sectors for companies through coordinating resources of IOTIA; improve member companies’ competitiveness through providing consultation on innovation, integrating resources and helping them to get listed; provide strategic support for sustainable industries through supporting projects of the member companies, marketing of their products,and coordinating project funds; lead members of IOTIA to seize the opportunity in the coming IOT era through having them participate in various activities held by the WIOTC Organizing Committee.

Internet of Things Innovation Alliance(IOTIA) Structure: IOTIA Council with Director, Deputy Director, Under Director, Member of the Council and Secretary General; IOTIA Advisory Committee with Chairman, Vice Chairman and Member of the Committee; IOTIA Membership includes companies, organizations and individuals.