2018 World Internet Of Things Convention (2018 WIOTC)logo

World Internet Of Things Convention (WIOTC) is the world's unique international organization of IOT new economy. It has established intercontinental headquarters in five continents and branches in countries and regions such as China, France, Singapore, Germany and Hong Kong, which add up to nearly 20. Its LOGO, Chinese name and English name are all registered as trademark in America, China and Hong Kong.

World Internet Of Things Convention (WIOTC) is an annual international summit held in different countries and regions all over the world, and has IOT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. as its designated host. More than 40 international conventions have been successively held.

It first proposed the concept of world IOT and the idea that IOT represents the “wisdom revolution”, invented the  architecture and model of world IOT , and innovated IOT definition and attributes for sustainable development. 

World Internet Of Things Convention (WIOTC) consists of the Organizing Committee, Executive Committee, Expert Advisory Committee, and secretariat. It builds multiple international cooperation platforms including World IOT Fund, IOT Innovation Alliance, World IOT Research Institute, IOT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Smarter Planet Internet of Things Group. The headquarters is located in Beijing,China.  

World Internet Of Things Convention (WIOTC) gathers resources from more than 30 international IOT associations, standard organizations and more than 3000 IOT enterprises including Chinese Chamber of Commerce of IOT, Z-Park Internet of Things Industry Alliance, China Federation of IOT Application and Promotion, IOT Association of Guangdong Province, Xiamen IOT Industry Alliance, Alliance of Shaanxi IOT Industry, Hong Kong IOT Association, Taiwan IOT Alliance, VDE, American Association of Industrial Internet, and French IOT organizations.

World Internet Of Things Convention (International Organization) has established friendly relations with UN agencies such as UNESCO,UNDP,UNCTAD,UNIDO,ITU, international organizations such as ISO,IEEE,IEC and other organizations and diplomats from more than 100 countries.   

World Internet Of Things Convention (convention) got the support and attention from government agencies and organizations in China, Germany, Russia, America, France, Singapore, Philippine, and Uruguay.

World Internet Of Things Convention(convention) gets high attention, recognition, and participation from international organizations including UNESCO,UNDP,UNIDO,ITU,ISO,IEEE and world political leaders, IOT experts and scholars, IOT enterprises, social organizations, standard organizations, media and other social sectors. It has already become a global famous international organization of new economy and convention brand.

Given that  IOT will lead us into an era of the Wisdom Revolution, to guide the WIOT innovation and development, we suggest that the standard system and rules of WIOT should be made by developing countries, with China as the representative as it has the most IOT applications, together with relevant institutions, IOT leading enterprises, international standard organizations and social communities in developed countries.

To promote the development of the IOT industry, we have built five WIOT platforms:

World IOT Convention, World IOT Fund, World IOT Research Institute, IOT Innovation Alliance and Smarter Planet IOT Group.

We are setting up headquarters in the five continents and branches in various countries and regions, including branches in every province of China,so as to create world IOT demonstration bases, gardens, centers and enterprises, build 16 IOT industrial centers,and cooperate with each country to build IOT countries, provinces (cities), districts,  villages and towns, communities, gardens and demonstration bases.  

We intensify our cooperation with international standard organizations and standard organizations to jointly establish a unified global IOT guiding  standards and architecture model.  

We cooperate with relevant  agencies of each country to set up IOT fund, invest in building IOT system and support the development of  IOT industry.

We establish IOT institute and  multi-level institutions with various national schools and research institutions from each country.

Welcome governments and related agencies, IOT related organizations, international social organizations, IOT enterprises, experts and scholars, media friends and other social sectors to jointly participate in creating world IOT, practicing the "world dream" of building a community of  shared future for mankind and embracing the era of Wisdom Revolution!

The purpose of the WIOTC

The purpose of the World Internet of Things Convention is to use the IoT to build a community of shared future for mankind, to foster a new world economic growth point, to benefit the intelligent life, work and production of people in all countries in the new era of Wisdom Revolution, to promote the progress and development of human society, and to help the United Nations achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Millennium Development Goals.