2018 World Internet Of Things Convention (2018 WIOTC)logo

The WIOTC Presidium

The presidium of world internet of things convention is held by many international organizations and governments of countries or regions, principals of organizations and government departments will as the presidium or head position to attend the convention. At present, the presidium members are from the World Chinese Business Alliance, United World Chinese Association, the French Chinese Association, the ministry of industry and information technology of PRC.

Gianni Picco
Former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General
Wu MingFormer South Korean Deputy Prime Minister
Liu YanshenProfessor of Central China Normal University
Xia Ri10th CPPCC National Committee
Sun XiaohuaVice-Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
Hu ShiyingVice-Chairman of North-North Cooperation Organization of the United Nations
Harvey DzodinFormer US presidential advisor
Yavuz OnayChairman of the Turkey-China Chamber of Commerce
Lermontov MikhailFirst Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Cultural Society of Professional Committee of the House
Sandeep Kumar BhalotiaChairman of the Industrial Development Committee of India
Carl Men Ky,ChingChairman of the United World Chinese Association
Donald LimFormer Malaysian finance minister
Zhang YiChairman of the European China Urban Development Commission
Yu PingFormer vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
He XumingChairman of the World Chinese Business Alliance
Guo FuhuaFormer People's Republic of China Ministry of Industry Secretary POLITICAL
Abdul MajidChairman of the Malaysia-china Friendship Association

The WIOTC Secretariat

The secretariat of WIOTC is under the leadership of the presidium; its members are constituted by the presidium of institutions. The secretariat is located in the World Chinese Business Alliance.

Secretary general:
Executive secretary general:Zhang Hua
vice-secretary:Liang Zi、Han Xiongliang、Zhang Xiaoxiong、Ye Xiaohua、Zhang Fan、Jiang Changwen、Gao Fangzhi、Bao Limei、Pierre BARROUX、Richard LU
Secretary:He Baoqi、He Qiang、Wu Peijuan
Legal adviser:Zhao Zhigang、Li Juan