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CENELEC President, Congratulatory Message to WIOTC

Congratulatory Message to WIOTC

On the occasion of the opening of 2018 WIOTC, on behalf of the European Committee for Electrical Standardization (CENELEC), I would like to extend warm congratulations.

IoT is one of the key enabling technologies that are rapidly transforming industries worldwide. The extraordinary benefits that IoT technologies bring are exciting and promising. Standards help bring those benefits to a larger audience by ensuring interoperability while also answering to the needs for security and privacy. 

CENELEC is a strong defender and promoter of international standardization represented by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that enables technical coordination and cooperation on a global scale based on shared principles including transparency, openness, consensus and coherence. 

CENELEC highly appreciates the work of WIOTC to bring dialogue, information and experience sharing to facilitate understanding on a global scale. 

I wish the 2018 WIOTC a great success.

Bernhard Thies

CENELEC President


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