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WIOTC Institutional Restructuring

To build an intelligent world where everything is connected, promote the development of the world IoT new economy, benefit the people's wisdom life and work of the world, help the UN's 2030 and the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals, practice building the community of shared future for mankind, usher in a new era of wisdom revolution in the progress and development of human society, to standardize the organization and personnel establishment of the World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC), after research, it was decided to be restructured as follows.

i. The World Internet of Things Convention is not only a global IoT international organization, but also the brand name of the World Internet of Things Convention, and is a permanent establishment.

ii. The newly established WIOTC Organizing Committee shall be annually jointly recommended by the WIOTC, the national institutions (regional, international institutions) where the WIOTC hosted, and the organizers.

iii. The WIOTC organizational structure and its responsibilities

1. WIOTC Presidium

Main responsibilities: permanent decision-making body

2. World IoT Expert Advisory Committee

Main responsibilities: think tanks for IoT policy formulation, economic technology, and market model consultation.

3. Secretariat of the WIOTC

Main responsibilities: permanent secretarial body for the organization and implementation of the WIOTC.

4. World IoT Standard Working Organization Committee

Main responsibilities: permanent body for the standard promotion, application and identification of the new economy of world IoT.

5. World IoT Economic Development Committee

Main responsibilities: to build operating organization for the global IoT intelligent economy industrial system; consist of the IoT industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, culture and education, tourism, health care, smart city, public affairs, artificial intelligence, aerospace, military and civilian science and technology, eco-environment protection, transportation, satellite IoT and finance.

6. World IoT Ranking List Working Committee

Main responsibilities: selection and election body for leading enterprises of global IoT construction, development and innovation.

7. World IoT Industry Research Institute

Main responsibilities: IoT industry development, architecture technology, market, business development and research, consulting services.

8. IoT Innovation Alliance

Main responsibilities: Permanent alliance organization for business cooperation and exchange of IoT enterprises and organizations.

iv. Main Members of the WIOTC

1) Presidium of the WIOTC

Chairman: He Xuming

Co-Chairs: Gianni Picco, Wu Ming (Korea), Zhang Xiaogang, Marielza Oliveira (TBD), Li Bohu, Lermontov Mikhail (Russia)

Executive Vice Chairman: Zhang Hua, Wang Feng, Su Tao, Harvey Dzodin (USA), Shi Dinghuan, Shen Jie

Vice Chairman: Cai Lianhua (France), Lucien Tjon  (Netherlands), Weiwei (Germany), Donald Lim (Malaysia), Wang Pengfei (USA), Zhou Yicheng (Japan), Liang Zi, Chen Dalong (France), Zhang Qi, Wang Hanhua (Singapore, alternate), Zhao Feng (alternate), Imad Moustapha (Syria), Zemir Awan (Pakistan), Zhang Yi (EU), Sun Xiaohua (China), Wang Zhiguo (TBD), Vitaly Nedelskiy (Russia), Sandeep Kumar Bhalotia (India), Yavuz Onay (Turkey), Hu Shiying, Abdul Majid (Malaysia)

2) Secretariat of the WIOTC

Secretary-General: To be selected

Executive Secretary: He Qiang (China), Zhang Fan (Netherlands), Sofia (Germany), Li Jing (Switzerland)

Deputy Secretary-General: Pierre BARROUX (France), Bao Limei, Gao Fangzhi, Wu Peijuan, Zhang Fan (female), Rubnawaz Bajaw (Pakistan), Zhang Xiaoxiong, Jiang Changwen, Wu Weitao, Su De (TBD)

V. WIOTC Headquarters

1. Global headquarters

The WIOTC was launched and headquartered in China. It conducts international business activities and conference activities in accordance with the laws and regulations of relevant countries and relevant international laws and regulations. The business and conference activities in China are respectively carried by Smarter Planet IoT Ltd. Co. and IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., and carry out business activities in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies of China).

2. Intercontinental Headquarters: headquarters in Europe, Asia, America, Oceania and Africa.

3. Establish national and regional institutions, and set up branches of large and medium cities.

vi. The former Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee of the WIOTC will be merged into the WIOTC. The certificates originally issued by the organizing committee and the executive committee for more than two years shall be adjusted based on the work performance and replaced by the new job title certificate, card. The certificates of the organizing committee and the executive committee that have been over two years shall be replaced by the seal of the WIOTC. Certificate that has not been replaced becomes invalid (hint: the WIOTC Expert Advisory Committee certificate is not included in this adjustment)

vii. The publicity period of the above institutional setup and personnel arrangement is 15 days. After listening to the social opinions, the new institutions and functions will be formally implemented.


February 26, 2019

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