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Notice on the Establishment of National and Regional Institutions

WIOTSWOC, WIOTEC, WIOTCOC, IOTIA, WIOTRI, Sponsorship Center, Subordinate company:

In order to build a wisdom world of everything interconnected, practice the community of shared future for mankind, enable all countries in the world participate equally in the 2019 WIOTC, and make preparations for 2019 WIOTC, after the study and approval of the WIOTC, WIOTC international institutions will be established. Person in charge of each institution will be responsible for the preparatory work for the 2019 WIOTC. The WIOTC headquarters will uniformly develop sponsorship websites of various countries and regions and distribute them to relevant responsible persons to implement.

The newly established institutional sponsorship centers and responsible persons will be announced. The responsible persons of each center are expected to actively carry out sponsorship activities in their respective regions. Under the premise of complying with the laws, regulations and policies of the local sponsorship centers, the work shall be carried out in accordance with the Implementation Measures for Sponsorship Center of the 2019 WIOTC and the Implementing Rules.

Detailed list of Sponsorship Center and persons in charge for the 2019 WIOTC (Real-time update, subject to the official website):

1. Sponsorship Center of Germany, Zhou Jiehan
2. Sponsorship Center of France, Huong TAN
3. Sponsorship Center of Netherlands, Lucien Tjon
4. Sponsorship Center of Switzerland, Li Jing, Wallace Cheng
5. Sponsorship Center of Japan, Zhou Yicheng
6. Sponsorship Center of Philippines, Lorenzo Ku
7. Sponsorship Center of Malaysia, Donald Lim
8. Sponsorship Center of Beijing, China, Yang Yun
    Sponsorship Center of Hong Kong, China, Eddie Auyeung
    Sponsorship Center of East China, Zhang Gangle
    Sponsorship Center of South China, Lin Xin
    Sponsorship Center of Southwest China, Li Hongying
    Sponsorship Station of Guangzhou, China, He Wei
    Sponsorship Station of Yunnan, China, He Shunbing

Hereby notify the above

World Internet of Things Convention
May 5, 2019

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