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2019 World IoT Ranking List Top 500 Selection Criteria

2019 World IoT Ranking List Top 500

Selection Criteria


2019 WIOTRL Top 500-Basic Ranking Criteria:

1. Enterprises and institutions that focus on the development and application of World IoT operating system (including industry, agriculture, logistics, medical care, energy, cultural travel, finance, environmental protection and other industries) and industry application system , with output value of more than 100 million US dollars.

2. Enterprises and institutions that focus on the integrated development and application of sensing, cloud computing, big data, storage, smart terminals, etc. (including chip companies) and with comprehensive output value of more than 10 million US dollars.

3. Enterprises in traditional industries with a potential to transform and upgrade to the IoT and with an output value of more than 1 billion US dollars.

4. Enterprises and institutions whose innovative research and development of the IoT top-level architecture, hardware and software products, technology, solutions, utility patents and brands are cutting-edge representative, and with low cost, simple operation, strong market applicability and other characteristics.

5. Enterprises and institutions that meet the international "Six Domain Reference Model" standards and the basic elements of the NB-IOT and LORA standards, and whose output value is more than 1 billion US dollars.

6. Enterprises and scientific research institutions with innovative 5G IoT technology and with invention achievements' output value of 10 billion US dollars.

2019 WIOTRL-Participants and requirement

1. Enterprises and institutions that develop and apply IoT architecture systems and industrial integrated system, including enterprises and institutions that are committed to IoT architecture system innovation.

2. IoT hardware and software products, solutions, system integration companies, chip manufacturers, and well-known enterprises and institutions of the IoT industry chain.

3. Enterprises and institutions that focus on IoT-related sensory perceptual systems (information system integration and equipment, etc.), cloud platforms (including cloud computing, quantum computation, cloud services, cloud storage, etc.), transmission systems (including 5G communication technology, fiber optic basic networks, micro-wave communication, satellite- ground transmission, quantum transmission, etc.), intelligent terminals (PC, mobile phone and other application terminals, and platforms that provide technical service), artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT block chain technologies.

4. Traditional large enterprises with strong potential to transform and upgrade to the IoT.

5. Enterprises and institutions whose IoT technology, products, solutions and application platforms are innovative and can reduce costs structurally and be sustainable applied.


1. WIOTRL aims to encourage the innovation and development of IoT enterprises and institutions, support the development and application of IoT systems and industry systems, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional companies to the IoT, and commend products and solutions that are in line with the new architecture, new system and new integrated intelligence of IoT, thus strengthening the application of the IoT industry in the world, forming a new economic growth point and benefiting the intelligent life, work, and production of mankind.

2. Excellent enterprise selection and ranking of WIOTRL should be conducted according to the principle of fairness, openness and justice.

3. The Selection Committee consists of international organizations, business association, standards organizations, experts and scholars and industry representatives of more than 20 countries including China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, the European Union, and France, which have the most practical applications in the IoT, strong research and development capabilities, and high awareness of the IoT.

4. Ranking process: Preselection (publicity) → preliminary selection → precise selection → ranking list publicity (seek social opinion) → final list released.

2019 WIOTRL Selection Committee Presidium Members:

Adebayo Shittu (Nigeria) AKIF GILALOV (Luxembourg)
Alain COSTES (France) Andrei Kolesnikov (Russia)
BERNHARD THIES (Belgium) Bronwyn Evans (Australia)
Cornelis van der klauw (Belgium) Cristina Bueti (Switzerland)
Detlef Tenhagen (Germany) Fabio Bigi (Italy)
Fan Maojun (China) Frans Vreeswijk (Switzerland)
Guan Jinghui (China) Harvey Dzodin (United States)
He Xuming (China) Howard Choe (United States)
Huong TAN (France) John Walter (Switzerland)
Kang Le (China) Karen Bartleson (United States)
Ken-Wei Chng (Singapore) Klee Aiken (Australia)
Li Bohu (China) Majid Rasouli Disfani (Iran)
Mansour S.AI Qurashi (Saudi Arabia) Marco CARUGI (France)
Matthew Astill (UK) Ni Guangnan (China)
Patricio Bermudez Camaton (UK) Peter A.Bruck (Hungary)
Qasim Yousef Abu Hantash (Dubai) Scott Steedman (UK)
Shaimaa Al Hefeiti (UAE) Shen Jie (China)
Shi Dinghuan (China) Thato Chabeli (South Africa)
Thomas Zielke (Germany) Tish L. Berard (United States)
undetermined (Spain) Vassil Krastev (Germany)
Weiwei (Germany) Wolfgang Niedziella (Germany)
Wu Hequan (China) Wu Jianping (China)
Zemir Awan (Pakistan) Zhang Jinhua (Thailand)
Zhang Qi (China) Zhou Yicheng (Japan)

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