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Opening Notice of IoT World Fair

In order to promote the development and advancement of the world economy and society, build the IoT new economy, benefit the intelligent life and work of the public and help to realize the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and build the community with shared future for mankind, the World Internet of Things Convention, World Internet of Things Foundation, World Internet of Things Research Institute and other international organizations jointly hold the "Internet of Things World Fair" (IOT World Fair) to start the on-line and off-line exhibition and transaction activities of IOT enterprises, products and solutions over the world, create the permanent transaction platform of IOT economy and trade, support the IOT economic industry of each national and local government and enterprise and promote the economic recovery and development after the global outbreak.

This IoT World Fair is aimed to build the global IoT supply and demand channel and promote the world economic and social development and adopts the on-line and off-line exhibition and transaction mode, including various exhibition areas such as national and local authority, IoT industry, agriculture, healthcare, smart city, transportation and auto intelligence, logistics/storage and transportation, environmental protection/energy, culture and tourism, finance, aerospace, public affairs, security safety, intelligent terminal, AI/robot, perception/RFID, chip/semiconductor, network communication/satellite IoT, cloud computing/big data, application promotion service and other areas. The participating units can establish enterprise exhibition halls in relevant exhibition area to show the corporate image and real product in the form of video, picture and text and realize the online interaction (with instant communication or online live-broadcasting channel in the exhibition hall). It is planned to establish the opening ceremony on the 2020 World Internet of Things Convention.

Now we start to receive the on-line and off-line application and registration of each national and local government organizations, enterprises and associations over the world. The enterprises and organizations participating in the IoT World Fair can not only show their enterprises and products to the world but also develop the on-line and off-line interaction and transaction. In addition, they can have an opportunity to win the "World Internet of Things Awards".

It is hereby notified.

World Internet of Things Convention

2020 World Internet of Things Convention Organizing Committee

August 10, 2020

Online Registry of IoT World Fair

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