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World Internet of Things Convention Attends the WSIS Forum 2017 at the Invitation of the UN Agencies

2017-6-26 19:04:02

The WSIS Forum 2017 opened in Geneva on June 13. Nearly 3000 representatives of government agencies, international agencies, organizations, enterprises, experts and scholars of more than 100 countries in the world attended the summit. At the invitation of the UN agencies, including ITU, UNDP, UNESCO and UNCTAD, the World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) attended the summit as a representative of international organizations. The ITU Secretary-General Zhao Houlin met with representatives of the WIOTC and held a cordial and friendly exchange with Chairman He Xuming. Chairman He also exchanged ideas with Assistant Director-General of the UNESCO, Secretary-General of the UNCTAD, the UNIDO officials, Deputy Director-General of the International Labor Organization, the President of the IEEE, and representatives of other international organizations and well-known companies such as IBM, Huawei, and presented the Beijing Declaration on the World Internet of Things.

At the opening ceremony of WSIS Forum 2017, the UN Secretary-General Guterres delivered the opening speech

Zhao Houlin, ITU Secretary-General met with Chairman He Xuming        Fatou Haidara of UNIDO met with Chairman He Xuming

Officer of FAO met with Chairman He Xuming        Karen Bartleson, IEEE President met with Chairman He Xuming

Representatives carried out more than 100 thematic forums and dialogues related to the world's cutting-edge information, sustainable development of the economy, smart city and IOT. He Xuming, executive chairman of WIOTC participated in more than 30 thematic meetings and communicated with political leaders, international organizations, social organizations and enterprise representatives on the theme of “Today's Internet Information Revolution and Tomorrow's IOT Wisdom Revolution”. Representatives also discussed about intensive use of Internet, and how to understand and participate in the IOT.

Chairman He Xuming introduced the preparatory progress of WIOTC China Summit which will be held in October this year, and invited important guests to attend the summit. The summit got high attention and support from the representatives. Government officers from Switzerland, the United States, India, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Denmark, Hungary and other countries invited Chairman He Xuming to have a discussion.

Xie Feibo, Special Adviser to the ITU Secretary-General, Government Officer of the UAE and Paul Donohoe from Universal Postal Union met with Chairman He Xuming

Chairman He Xuming met with Minister of Federal Ministry of Communications of Nigeria, Government Officer of Ministry of ICT of Iran, and Government Officer of Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chairman He Xuming met with Government officials and head of business associations

He Xuming, Executive Chairman of WIOTC attended the WSIS Forum 2017

After the summit, Chairman He Xuming made a research about establishing WIOTC branches in Switzerland, France, and Germany, which laid a good foundation for promoting the development of world IOT and building the world IOT system.