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Ranking List of World IOT Top 100 Enterprises is about to be Unveiled

2017-7-26 15:26:17

World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) has become the only international IOT Organization and convention brand in the world with the attention and support of the United Nations and international organizations, such as ITU, UNESCO, UNDP, UNCTAD, ISO, IEEE, IEC and so on. WIOTC creates the top-level architecture and model, attributes and definition of world IOT, and the new concept that IOT represents the fourth revolution of human beings -“Wisdom Revolution”. All of these were widely supported and participated by the United Nations, international organizations, and politicians, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, media, and IOT associations from China, Germany, the United States, France, Singapore, India and other countries. Therefore, IOT has been innovated to the level of global sustainable development and the IOT industry reaches a new climax.

In order to promote the development of global IOT industry and the construction of the network system, encourage global enterprises to upgrade and innovate towards IOT, help the United Nations to realize the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, facilitate the realization of intelligent life and work of people around the world, create a sustainable development of the world IOT new economy, WIOTC and multiple IOT organizations and enterprises initiate a public benefit activity called “Ranking List of World IOT Top 100 Enterprises”, which includes “Ranking List of World IOT Products” and “Ranking List of the Most Potential IOT Enterprises”. Based on the principle of openness, fairness and justice, candidates are selected through association recommendation, enterprise recommendation, pre-selected finalists, experts and scholars review and display for public opinion. The special selection committee is composed of international experts and scholars, representatives of IOT associations from China, the United States, Germany, France, Japan and India, and the Expert Consultative Committee of WIOTC. Finalists will be released through the WIOTC official website and the public WeChat; after soliciting opinions from various sectors of society, the official list will be announced by the end of September. The shortlisted enterprises have the opportunity to win an award at the WIOTC China Summit in October. The products and solutions from the rewarded enterprises can become suppliers for constructing World IOT demonstration base and will be promoted in WIOTC platforms. Besides, WIOTC platform will help shortlisted member enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets.

Welcome global IOT enterprises, product manufactures, industry associations, experts and scholars, research institutions and individuals to actively participate in the activity. Starting from this year, the ranking list will be updated every year and taken as the wind vane for the development of global IOT. The purpose is to promote the sustainable development of IOT industry and the world’s new economic growth.(No fees will be charged for this ranking list.