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World IOT Top 100 Ranking List Grandly Releasing, WIOTC China Summit Approaching

2017-9-15 22:30:06

At the time when WIOTC China Summit was to be held, global attention was paid to the grandly releasing of World IOT Top 100 Ranking List on 15, September. Huawei, TRUMPF, Qorvo, and CASIC respectively topped the World IOT Top 100 Enterprises Rankings, World IOT Industry Top 100 Rankings, World IOT Top 100 Products Rankings and World IOT Most Potential Rankings. The World IOT Top 100 Ranking List releasing indicated that the global development of IOT entered into a new climax. Chairman of World IOT Foundation and Executive Chairman of WIOTC He Xuming, Former Secretary General of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Guan Jinghui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Bohu, ambassador of Grenada Denis G. Antoine, representative of Fujitsu Zhou Yicheng and other entrepreneurs attended the press conference. More than 300 international media reported this, such as CCTV, Sino US Times, CATV, Xinhua Net, CNS, People's Daily, European Times, Global Times, CGTN and PR Newswire.


The program of World IOT Ranking List was co-organized by the famous global IOT organization World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) and multiple international organizations from China, Germany, Russia and other countries. More than 1000 enterprises were selected to be the finalists from thousands of global enterprises. There were 400 enterprises in the final Ranking List, such as Huawei, Cisco, Bosch, Google, China Telecom, SAP and Amazon (Please click en.wiotc.org for more details). The judge presidium of the Ranking List was composed of 46 judges who were representatives of business associations, scholars and experts from countries and regions such as China, USA, Germany, France, Russia and Switzerland. Based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, the result was generated after finalists' recommendation, grading by the judges according to the marking criteria and social publicity for 3 months to solicit social opinions. Wu Jianping, Professor of Tsinghua University commented it as the "the most global IOT ranking list".

He Xuming, Executive Chairman of WIOTC said: "Today, the World IOT Ranking List is released, which is to promote the globalization of IOT and benefit life and work for people around the world. This is the sharing platform for the development, construction and application of global IOT system and innovators, which can provide reference for project cooperation, investment analysis and government procurement. Thanks for the selfless contribution of the judge presidium and welcome global enterprises, IOT pioneers to participate in the WIOTC China Summit on 19, October. At that time, new concept of IOT and business opportunities will be shared. Please refer to the Beijing Declaration on the World Internet of Things to know more about how to build the IOT global system of sustainable development."

Guan Jinghui, Former Secretary General of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, delivered a speech. He said: "World IOT Ranking List is grandly released in China, indicating that China stands in the front of the world in the exploration and application of global IOT industrial development. The Ranking List shows that China lays a good foundation for IOT development, construction, application and development potential, which sets a good example to every country. Together with the cutting edge of scientific and technological strength of enterprises in the USA, Germany and other countries, this will certainly be another revolution after the industrial and information revolution, which will benefit intelligent life and work of people around the world. The Communist Party of China will hold the 19th CPC National Congress, this will certainly bring in new opportunities for the development of IOT enterprises."

World IoT Top 100 Enterprises Rankings

World IoT Industry Top 100 Rankings

World IoT Top 100 Products Rankings

World IoT Most Potential Rankings

Li Bohu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering said: "I am very glad to see the World IOT Top 100 Ranking List releasing. This depends on the hard work from judges of each country, showing huge potential of Chinese IOT enterprises such as Huawei, Inspur, ZTE, China Mobile, highlighting the cutting-edge technology and strength of Cisco (USA), Bosch (Germany) and other enterprises. We should try our best to do well in such socially useful activity."

The representative of ambassadors Grenada Denis G. Antoine said: "We support this kind of public benefit activity, encourage enterprises to contribute to the development of global IOT and benefit intelligent life of people around the world." The activity organized by WIOTC is very significant and the world IOT is also very important. With the attributes of connectivity and inclusiveness, IOT can lead the global development. Hope that Grenada and China have more connectivity, and Grenada could strengthen cooperation with China and countries around the world through WIOTC and related meetings.

Representative of enterprises on the final list, Senior Manager of Fujitsu and researcher of Waseda University Zhou Yicheng said: "We are honorably to be selected in the final Ranking List. This is the recognition of our hard work for IOT research and development. We will continue to innovate, participate in the WIOTC China Summit and try to be involved in the development and construction of World IOT."

Chen Yijun, President of the representative of shortlisted enterprises-Zhongshi Cloud said: "I am glad to be shortlisted though we fail to enter the final Ranking List. It indicates that we still need to improve. We will continue to strive for the ranking list in the future."

The purpose of establishment of the World IOT Top 100 Ranking List and the convening of the WIOTC China Summit is to encourage enterprises to upgrade and innovate towards IOT of sustainable development, promote the establishment and industrial development of global IOT, and help to realize the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations by 2030, thus ushering in the new era of Wisdom Revolution.