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CNR:World internet of things convention for the first time press conference was held in Beijing on the 23rd

2016-4-12 11:50:06

CNR Beijing on November 24, the news (reporter Haire Cai) 23 afternoon, World internet of things convention for the first time press conference held at the China national convention center. Chairman of the chamber of commerce, international Internet experts at home and abroad, the important enterprise delegates, etc. 

The organizing committee announced the World internet of things convention will be held in China in June, 2016, aims to increase global business, the economist's perception of the Internet of things and consensus, and explore the rules of the Internet era and order. 

World Internet of things in the world is all the products, goods are concentrated in a query, tracking, optional, traceability, can be controlled in the connectivity of intelligent network system, to achieve an orderly coordination of the world economy, the human society into a new era of intelligence work and life wisdom

World internet of things convention by the world Chinese businessman alliance, and other Chinese trading group, held in global each country and region, held once every year. The first congress will be invited to many dignitaries, diplomatic envoys, world 500 strong enterprise executives participation, the conference will cover the Internet of things technology standard and security system, smart city and the administrative management system, the Internet of things with big data, and other areas of the industry.

 Guests. Haire Cai perturbation

World internet of things convention, executive chairman of Xuming He said, the first conference held in China, means that China's Internet of things technology has become the basis of international standard technology. At the same time, in China, the world's largest consumer market and the second largest economy, China's people's understanding of new concept of the Internet of things and industry, needs a comprehensive, can refer to the "sample". The conference is primarily a global consensus of the administration for industry and commerce, economic scholars and entrepreneurs in the business, advocating establish a standardized system of global Internet of things, with the revival of the Chinese nation great power dream comprehensive fusion. 

Tsinghua university professor Jianping wu Internet of things experts Internet of things can better allocation of social resources, bringing the world to fully crystalline phase. The economic development of the Internet of things as the world's next big engine, five layer architecture, each level is associated with a variety of industries, this makes a huge industrial chain development, and the future market development potential is huge. 

Multinational companies on behalf of the IBM Jiangang Sun greater China director, said IBM key development areas is the Internet of things, in 2015, invested $3 billion to set up the Internet sector, into the big market of Internet of things industry, IBM actively support assembly. 

News media representatives, CNR GangWu vice President to speak Haire Cai perturbation 

     News media representatives, vice President of CNR GangWu said that next year's conference is going with the development of The Times, of the United Nations development summit held in September this year for the first time put forward to after age 2015 to 2030 years of human development of comprehensive planning, which is based on the wisdom of the Internet of things to build the good blueprint, believe in 2016 also can paint a blueprint for a better everything connected.