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National social science fund project "network culture construction research - Internet + global power transmission network science and technology innovation strategy" seminar

2016-4-12 12:05:23

National social science fund project "network culture construction research - Internet + global power transmission network science and technology innovation strategy" (project approval no. 12 & ZD016) conference held in Beijing on November 27, 2015.From the China association for science and technology, the all-china journalists association, guangming daily, the central net letter do business school, tsinghua university, renmin university of China, ali departments such as more than 30 experts to attend the seminar. Party member of China association for science and technology, the secretariat of Wang Chunfa, domestic party secretary ZhaiHuiSheng, guangming daily, deputy editor-in-chief of wei-xing shen, office of central leading group for cyberspace affairs deputy director sun kai do topic report.

Tsinghua university, school of journalism &communication, professor, school of journalism, renmin university of China, shenyang, professor, doctoral supervisor KuangWenBo, executive director of ali business school on culvert, world conference on the Internet of things, executive chairman of He Xuming, iot capital CEO Liu Longjun, vice President of China's science and technology network Wang Bin etc to participate in the BBS discussion.

The 18th session of the central committee of the communist party of China, the fifth plenary session in October 2015, 26 solstice 29, held in Beijing. On October 29 ihfo published in the proceedings of conference, explicitly pointed out that to implement strategy of "network power", said "implement the strategy of network power and the implementation of" Internet + "plan of action, share economic development, the implementation of the national strategy of big data.

This is since 2012, a new government with xi jinping, general secretary of the core, make the strategic judgment, in the Internet for help, continue to promote the further deepening, we'll build China into a power network, the official become one of the most important national strategic target of China.

The closely around 18 the fifth plenary session of the workshop "network power strategy" meaning, put forward the significance of the construction of network power, analyzing the emphases and difficulties of the construction process will encounter, and the construction of network culture with Chinese characteristics power gives corresponding countermeasures and Suggestions.

In industrial 4.0 with "Internet +" under the wave of China with the attitude of how to deal with the Internet, directly determines the Chinese from "network power" to "network power" the road to turn. This more than 20 years, the Internet in China is not only created a lot of digital miracles, industry, and more importantly, it has been integrated into the rise of ethnic and national progress of decision-making. As of June 2015, the scale of Chinese Internet users, 668 million, 18.94 million Internet users were created for half a year.

Among them, 594 million mobile Internet users, Internet users in the use of mobile Internet population proportion to 88.9% from 85.8% in December 2014. "Twelfth five-year" period, China's fixed broadband access port number 407 million, cover all across the country, cities, towns and 93.5% of administrative villages. More than 8 m broadband users access rate accounted for 53.4%, more than 20 m and the user access rate accounted for 19.6%.

Base on the advantage, however, the politics, economy, culture, competitive advantage, to translate into is not one day work, more force of the blow play.


The current media integration and network power construction situation

In today's Internet development under the new situation, the depth of the traditional media and new media integration, as well as the emergence of new mainstream media will help to achieve a network of great powers. New mainstream media is not a traditional media is a network of new media, and should be both traditional media oriented consciousness, the depth of the authority and professional pursuit, and real-time interaction with the new media network, innovative fashion, grass-roots close "media". The depth of the traditional media and new media integration, as well as the emergence of new mainstream media for national development, would mean a great network power dream.

In August 2014, the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group reviewed and adopted the "about promoting the development of traditional media and new media fusion guidance", put forward "to strengthen the Internet thinking, adhere to the traditional media and new media complementary advantages, integrated development"."The Internet thinking" once again become a hot word. How to use the Internet to promote media fusion thought development? This is both a theoretical issue to be discussed, and to grope for the practical problems. At present, central to the power from the power network construction become network in China, the top design, will be located in national media fusion media integration development is under acceleration. In strengthening the Internet thinking, accelerating the process of the media convergence, opportunities are also challenges.

The conference, office of central leading group for cyberspace affairs deputy director sun kai said fusion attaches great importance to the media. Xi general secretary put forward instructions of media convergence, the traditional media in the field of new media as soon as possible.According to the statistics WeChat active users reached 650 million, weibo user 204 million, 860 million, QQ users via digital, suggests that current online news dissemination pattern with the new changes.For how to apply the Internet lead to the future, he said. "the future will be mobile Internet unify the whole country. The media fusion has been through all kinds of drive end, maximize transmission coverage. From the point of data, social media flow very much now. "

Finally sun kai said, believe the future will be more exciting new media, believe more multimedia engaged in journalism and communication in the process of accepting influence of science and technology, make the transition.

The domestic party secretary ZhaiHuiSheng pointed out that the core issue of media convergence is the "Internet +" instead of "+ Internet". "Internet +" core is control the Internet, the use of the Internet."Internet +" plus the actual is the question that content is king, is a key problem for Internet users. The traditional media has advantage in this respect. He thought the media reporters should grasp the following several principles: first, press "history" to understand the cause and effect of news events. second, Culture reports will be really a culture, cultural would suggest, want to have a value. Third, all of the service science. Science to the public service, laying the groundwork for future development.ZhaiHuiSheng suggested that traditional media to send force, on the Internet tell good stories, accords with the propagation law of the Internet, the significance of integration is to supplement each other.

First of all, the media convergence is a long and difficult process.

This process can be divided into several stages, the first is the traditional media and new media and stage, to two parts scale;

Followed by phase shift, the traditional media to spread work center of gravity, the main form, the main profit pattern is transferred to the emerging media, to adapt to the media and public opinion is the main transfer; The third is to form new mainstream media, new media group, set up modern communications system. Stage clear, specific goals, after transformation of the traditional media to discern in the native and network media competition to digest the difference between the inheritance and the ground floor, grasp the rhythm of their own development

Media to clear understanding of the main problems in the different stages and tasks, such as the first stage is reached consensus on the internal, adjust organization structure; The second stage to emerging media form identity, complete the change the way of survival; The third stage is the spread of the outgoing, form the relationship between new media and external exchanges. Accordingly, media integration step by step.

Second, the properties of media, social responsibility cannot be changed.

With Internet and network technology to transform traditional media, is bound to lead to disruptive innovation, but we must always bear in mind that the CPC central committee to launch the media fusion of major strategic deployment is to consolidate, expand mainstream public opinion propaganda thought and culture; Is to comply with the digital revolution, and new media impact, in the pattern of global media dissemination of the overall strength and core competitiveness.

No matter how far on the road of integration, the attribute of the media will not change and social responsibility, also cannot be changed.

The decreasing trend of the age of the Internet "center", but does not mean "to guide" and the "dominant". Although the Internet is a flat, point to point connected to the net, but the existence of "V" and other network opinion leaders illustrates points and the points of energy is different, cyberspace public opinion "YaCangShi" is still needed.Media as a node in the network, to better use the new technology means gathering efforts, progress, sound, reveal bear mission, continue to play a leading role of public opinion, maintain good social information center position, bear the responsibility of the good cultural tradition.

Third, media fusion process, the management way change accordingly.

Fusion is to liberate the media productivity, to release its communication effect and potential, should follow this direction, to service management, multi-purpose capital markets such as regulating mode, soften the administrative means, through the selection and funding mechanisms form guide, give priority to become bigger and stronger part of the mainstream media

At the same time, fusion means that the "time-space collapse" or "time travel", inside and outside of the media, the scope of responsibility has been broken before and after, therefore, management should accordingly will spread as a whole, domestic and foreign construction as a whole; Responsibility and obligation of the media supervision and legislation to advance instead of emergency disposal, with the "integration" and "nc" ensure fusion media running smoothly. Cloud computing, big data applications, creates opportunities for smart media management, for this reason, depend on mass data scientific assessment of the workings of the media and communication effect is imperative.

Guangming daily, deputy editor of wei-xing shen is crucial for the development of the media fusion products is put forward. From the trend, the traditional media and new media cooperation and win-win alliance.Media integration development core aim to enhance the propagation force, the key in the user experience.Through data analysis, to provide users with accurate information.On integrating media platform, through the characteristic products and services, won the external agencies, trying to win benefits at the same time open up new cooperative transmission situation.

Learn from the past, is crucial for the development of the media fusion products, product design is the focus of the transmission, the core is a new technology to solve the new media, under the new technology of rapid, media convergence through innovation and expand, growing the spread of integrated strength and influence, finally realizes the economic effect.

The age of the Internet as media practitioners, researchers provided the perfect opportunity, also proposed the new challenge.

Party member of China association for science and technology, the secretariat of Wang Chunfa in media convergence is stereo omni-directional integration is put forward, with the development of network technology into the information age, cross-border integration connect everything become a distinct characteristics of The Times.Changed the concept of news production and transmission of media fusion, the generation of new media brings great challenge to the traditional media. Media integration put forward higher request to journalists. New media to help the public to master more knowledge of science and technology, news reports more quickly, the communication process more flat. Journalists must further transform the news idea, strengthen the consciousness of science and technology, cooperate with the implementation of network content construction, relying on the power of the media convergence, explore various forms of various kinds of mode of transmission of science and technology, strengthen social inspection guide, efforts to cultivate positive network culture.

From "network power" to "network power" strategic significance

Established in early 2014, the central central network security and information leading group, set up in the team meeting, xi jinping, general secretary did three important judgment: no security, no national security; No information, no modernization; China to build network power.The above argument, on the network and information technology development of China's future strategic leading meaning.

First of all, the network strategy can solve the problem of power source of deepening reform in China.

Since 1978, when China's historic start since the reform and opening up process, in accordance with the relevant research results, "reversed transmission mechanism under the particular historical time and space environment, is the Chinese continue to promote the reform and opening up the structural dynamic mechanism. Xiaogang has launched the reform of bottom-up dynamic mechanism; In the late 1990 s at the beginning of the 21st century China's accession to the world trade organization (wto) launched the dynamic mechanism of China's integration into the international community;In the 21st century first, after 10 years, the rapid development of global network of space, make the network become the new power source mechanism.

If, before the fifth plenary session of the 18, "reversed transmission online and offline" is a kind of communication information technology revolution form "spontaneous status", so, the fifth plenary session of the formal written 18 bulletin "network power strategy", the official made clear China is moving from spontaneous to conscious, network space development of endogenous demand combined with the historical process of China's reform and opening up, the construction of network power will be promoting the all-round deepening reform of strong power source.

Secondly, establish the network strategy, is face to face with the forefront of productivity development strategy in China.

With big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet as the main representative of a new generation of network technology revolution, constitute the external environment of China's practice of network power strategy.

Science and technology is the first productive force, and the network technology revolution constitutes the fastest developing speed in human society today at the forefront of science and technology, is also at the forefront of contemporary productivity development.

In this day and age, with information technology as the core of a new round of technological revolution is breeding the rise, the Internet is increasingly become the leading force, innovation-driven development profoundly changing people's production and living, vigorously promote the social development.

The Internet really makes the world into a global village, to the international community is more and more become the sometimes-complex mix-and-match, I have you in the fate of the universe.

At the same time, the development of the Internet on national sovereignty, security and development interests put forward the new challenges, an urgent need to the international community to deal with seriously, seeking work, achieve win-win situation. "In the face of this round of revolution of science and technology, establish the core strategy of network power, means that China will face the challenge, have the courage to take responsibility for their own historical mission, reflected in the era of network to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's strong will and determination.

The network strategy is "network security" and "digital economy" two-wheel drive aggressive strategy.

Xi general secretary has made clear that "there is no network security, there is no national security, no information, no modernization."The network security and information the wings is an organic whole, two-wheel driven, must be unified planning, unified deployment, promote and implement.

To deal with the relationship between security and development, coordinated, go hand in hand, in a safe insurance development, development and security, efforts to build long Ann potential, growth rule of the industry. "

This fully shows that China implement the strategy of network power, not to seek hegemony in the global network space, but in the network security and information security and development, and give attention to two or morethings in the protection of national network security under the premise of realizing the development, with the vigorous development of the digital economy to national security. To this, vice President of China's science and technology network Wang Bin practice Internet way of thinking is put forward.

The first is open way of thinking. Internet information release subject and channel is open. Who first access to information, who has the fastest channel, who will be able to appear first, "scoop" competition is turning into "starting news" contest, media deployment of more journalists could not compare to the present of the news site faster into a reporter should therefore attract more external forces to participate in the report

The second is equal way of thinking.What traditional media objects known as the audience, media, what they will accept.Passive transmitted objects, thousands of surface such as a single direction of propagation, the unequal between waiters and recipients.But on the Internet of any individual is a node, the media again big, is also a node, the "audience" to users, users, call on more hasten is equivalent.Point to point communication is interpersonal law pursues, media communication with users mutual respect and equality.

Again is a Shared way of thinking.s one of the features of network sharing, sharing, exclusive is deviating from the network spirit, low cost and high efficiency of the value of the share is a network, share let the chain of transmission, the value chain to unlimited extension. The circulation of the traditional media, opening, probability and ratings, all in the Internet age has not influence.

Network information "into" "eyes" and "into the brain," "the heart" is not equal to, traditional media used in product release, for the end of the production process, in the spread of the Internet, this is just a starting point, how to make the information can be users to share, spread is the real problem to consider, can no longer be "dry with wishful thinking, what do the consensual dream".

Finally the technology leading the way of thinking.The Internet is highly dependent on technology industry. Internet technology is a representative of the emerging technology, it constantly updating with each passing day, the media form the dazzling changes in the way and communication. Use the Internet to promote the development of media convergence thinking is a big obstacle to strangers and rejection. Print and broadcast television technology can be a few years or even more than ten years, dozens of years, the Internet product update iteration in monthly. How to the technology way of thinking to think about the transformation and development of the media, is a challenge to the media manager. Technique way of thinking is continuous with the mind to think, as far as possible with the technical method to solve the problem, can use technology to solve the problem of net technology to solve it.

The construction of network culture with Chinese characteristics

In the innovation and development, the expression of "manufacturing power", "network power" two big strategy would be important to support our social hair of show.

And these two strategies have also been built into the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning in our country. The communique said, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period to implement the strategy of power network, the implementation of "Internet +" plan of action, share economic development, the implementation of the national strategy of big data. Further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, play a leading role in the comprehensive innovation of science and technology innovation, the implementation of a number of major national science and technology project, formed a group of national laboratory in the field of significant innovation, actively put forward and lead the big international scientific plan and big science projects.

As early as in 2014, the first meeting of the leading group of network security and information agency had put forward the concept of "network power", also points out the strategy of the construction of network power to synchronize with "two" one hundred goals forward, towards the basic popularization network infrastructure, the independent innovation ability enhancement, the information economy overall development, network security powerful goals keep moving forward. For the implementation of the strategy of power network, the communique also mentioned the "Internet +" action plan and strategy of big data two measures. The programmatic document of the above two measures on promoting action guidance for "Internet +" and "promote the development of large data action guidelines have been released in the second half of this year.

National informatization expert advisory committee, vice President of the Internet society of China, said gao xinmin national level frequent release of this a series of action plan is to carry out the construction part of the strategy of "network power", constitutes the main content of strategy of "network power". Gao xinmin thought, is the network power up to the national strategic level, one is based on the central focus on a new round of global information technology revolution.

Second, China's Internet industry after years of development, has formed a foundation, also has the advantage in many. Three is the development of China's traditional industries meet the bottleneck, the Chinese economy needs to find new motivation. Four is China's Internet industry is pushing the "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" main battlefield.

Network power has six big logo, one is the network information technology infrastructure is a world leading level. This sentence should have a lot of embedded, such as network scale and broadband penetration, with the competitiveness of the industry network access to relevant information, the bearing capacity of the network security and so on all is a world leading level. 2 it is to have a clear space strategy and the international community network. International strategy, the United States in 2012 issued a cyberspace is put forward for the first time if the network is under attack, they can like foreign attacks on political, military and economic use of military force to fight each other. This caused great concern of the international community. It can be said that the future can in cyberspace has clear strategic goals and voice, will directly influence China's international status in cyberspace. Three is the key technology to independently controlled, especially the operating system and CPU technology. In the world today to measure the level of modern information technology, in the final analysis is three criteria: namely, operation speed, network bandwidth and storage capacity. In these three aspects, China and the world's advanced countries are obviously larger than now.How to make the above key technologies to realize independent control, is moving towards the biggest weakness of network power, must catch up. Four is the guarantee of network security to have enough means and ability. Including national economic security network security, network, network, social security, privacy protection and civilized and harmonious network space order, etc. Five is a network application in terms of scale, quality is the world leading level. E-commerce, e-commerce is developing very fast now, but the quality remains to be further improved. Six is in cyberspace strategy, have occupied the commanding heights of ability and strength. The future in the field of military war most likely is a kind of information warfare, cyber warfare, in the process, if there is no ability to occupy the commanding heights of the network space, is already a network power is hard to say.

Tsinghua university professor, school of journalism &communication, shenyang said this year the digital trend of news is very obvious, data news and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) began to enter the school and class, all constantly construction of colleges and universities, a think-tank, start to hit to include the media convergence, network public opinion, including future problems. Can be seen from the direction of the media convergence from the terminal terminal competition to the cloud, big data and cloud finally decided to media is a development trend in the future.

Professor, doctoral supervisor, school of journalism, renmin university of China's national higher education self-study exam news professional committee secretary general KuangWenBo media innovation research about mobile Internet era, found one of the biggest characteristics of the Internet industry must find profit model innovation, either in the press of the digital transformation, media convergence, are failure.Two kinds of profit model, free to add advertising, also is the charge mode, network fee model is proved impossible, in fact, the profitability of a media with is proportional to the propagation force. In the Internet age, the Internet industry has a strong "Matthew effect", and more and more new products, the more news, news becomes a by-product of fragmentation. So, the innovation of the media road where there is a lot to discuss the ideas and opinions.

So why did China put forward the goal of construction of network power, to achieve this goal the path where to go?

The future of China how to power from power network to the network? Thinking can at least three dimensions: namely, the national level, market level and personal level.

First should establish national network strategy, strengthen the top-level design and organizational leadership.

Its strategic significance is from the leadership level, strengthen the network security and information decision-making and leadership for the future, also for the Chinese to the power network provides a strong organizational guarantee. Second, to make information technology turnaround organization state power. How to use two countries strong organization ability and the market forces to play a good turnaround national information technology, not only is a big problem in front of leadership, is also a major task faced by all China's IT enterprises. The third is to intensify adapted to power network infrastructure construction, especially in the broadband. Including the large data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and Internet of things the infrastructure construction of the new technology and wide application, etc. Fourth, perfect and build a network with powers that meet the needs of the legal system and institutional framework. From the network power to the power network, if there is no system and the rule of law system to protect is very difficult, therefore, no matter from the aspects of legislation and the system construction and so on, must consider how system by the network power toward the problem of network power.

The construction of network culture power will face the challenges and opportunities

On September 23, 2015, the state Internet information office director comrade LuHui pointed out that on the eighth China Internet BBS, network times and all countries in the same boat Internet giant boat, must be "in the same boat", "no one can take the other side to kick off". The above statement, clearly shows the China's Internet strategy is to pursue win-win sharing should be constructive - aggressive strategy, is the China seek to build new power relations and power strategies in cyber space projection, is China's determination to become a responsible the strategic pursuit of emerging powers in the Internet age.

World iot executive chairman, chairman of the world Chinese businessman alliance He Xuming said the current development of the Internet of things has actually promoting stage, and formed a preliminary iot industry group, relative to other countries in the world the practice and application entitled. But there are also many problems, mainly displays in the understanding of the Internet of things have different association, exploring the Internet architecture, structure, opinions and pattern. Through this seminar for each of the same economists, entrepreneurs, the consensus with you friends, and explore the world standard iot framework technology, application technology specification, help China master the initiative of the world economy, human Internet of standards and technology of China, let China wisdom leads the Internet economy in the world, and make the Internet of things to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream, let the Internet of things into, and the world, China's dream, the dream, to lead the global tide, benefit the people in this world.