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World Internet of things convention, executive chairman of He Xuming was invited to attend the asia-pacific economic and cultural BBS and make excellent speech

2016-4-12 12:05:47


The first asia-pacific economic and cultural BBS held in the great hall of the people On December 16, 2015, by the asia-pacific economic and cultural exchange association and the China international economic and technological cooperation promotion association. 

The BBS is a overseas Chinese motherland and blame, stimulate the overseas Chinese at home and abroad and future generations of patriotic enthusiasm, love hometown developing the patriotic united front, push overseas Chinese for the revival of the Chinese nation again and push for investment "in" economic take-off of the event. Many people attend this BBSA,For example, the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs at home and abroad, including rich tycoons and chamber of commerce, etc. 

Asia-pacific overseas Chinese  mainly based on China, geared to the needs of countries in the asia-pacific region, is committed to build the development and the interests of the community, "area" is more than hundred countries region project cooperation industry docking of resource sharing service platform, the BBS held both at home and abroad caused a strong reaction. 

The chairman of the world Chinese business alliance ,He Xuming,attend the BBS and  made a wonderful speech about the Internet of things development strategy. 

Human history civilization passed three times: the impergium, industrial revolution, and is going through the information revolution, information revolution of today, the world economic pattern is quietly shift, that is to say, is breeding the coming of the new era, the upcoming era - intelligent wisdom era of the Internet of things. 

World Internet of Things, ministry of industry and information technology revolution after another revolution, will brought human society into an era of smart wisdom. It will become the "driver" and "productivity" which produce dozens of trillion-dollar economic market, and promote the world economy and human society. 

 Hope that through the opening of the world Internet of things convention, let the Internet of things and the Chinese dream and the dream world fusion, to promote the Internet of things into the economy of the formation of the global strategy, with the Internet of things the world peace and prosperity, leading iot global economic spring tide, benefit the people of the world in the era of Internet of things.

By the way, welcome national and local government, social organizations and the elite from all walks of life work together to promote world Internet of the innovation and economic development, the participation and support China's iot iot development fund and the world union funds group raise, meet the wisdom of the coming of the era of Internet of things together!