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IoT Triggers “Wisdom Revolution”,Chinese Market Looks to Further Increase

2017-2-27 16:22:20

IoT Triggers "Wisdom Revolution", Chinese Market Looks to Further Increase

China has called for a global effort to jointly set up a demonstration platform for the internet of things and promote the healthy development of the global IoT industry.

The information revolution, which is represented by the Internet, has changed the traditional way of life and work, and promoted the progress of society. Currently, developed and developing countries are all trying to seize the high ground of the Internet of things (IoT) with their own advantages.

"As we embark on this new journey, we also need to invest in new systems that make use of information and communications technologies to spur growth in our economy. New investments in people and innovations will bring forth economic development that is sustainable and consistent with our national strategies, policies, and programs. With the theme of creating a new economy for an IoT world, people can make more informed decisions and create many practical improvements in their lives." Rodrigo RoaDuterte, the president of Philippines said at the 2016 World Internet of Things Convention, which was held on December 29, 2016.According to the Beijing Declaration on the World Internet of Things released on the same day, China has called for a global effort to jointly set up a demonstration platform for the internet of things and promote the healthy development of the global IoT industry.

The development of IoT is expected to reach its peak in 2020

"IoT is designed to include the interaction between people and things, things and things, things and people as well as public Imanagement, covering sectors like smart city, industry, agriculture, military,education, health, aerospace,energy, logistics and others. It works through hardware and software technologies and tools such as RFID, cloud computing, big data, mass storage and intelligent terminals."According to the declaration, the development of IoT is expected to reach its peak in 2020, driving the development of dozens of global economic markets worth over 1 trillion RMB respectively.

He Xuming, executive chairman of the World Internet of Things Convention, said that the Internet of things has become a strategy, so that every country in the world are going to seize the high ground and make action plan of the IoT development. Many industries, including the industries that have great boosts to the world economy, have no national strategy. That is to say, IoT plays a very important role in social management and social development, not only in the economic field. Besides, it is closely linked with people's life and work, which involves the overall social and economic development and the construction of social system.

"We have offices in Asia,America, Europe, Oceania and other continents. WIOTC will be held annually by different countries and regions. WIOTC aims to pool wisdom of global political and business leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs, build a standard global IoT system, and create new economy of world IoT, thus bringing benefits to the world with advanced IoT technologies and abundant funds,promoting economic innovation and sustainable growth and moving global economy forward." The declaration said that with global IoT innovation and development in mind, World Chinese Business Alliance and various international organizations started WIOTC after 10 years'study and 4 years' preparation. The brand and trademark have already been registered in countries and regions such as USA and Hong Kong.

Create an orderly production environment for IoT

"The 4th revolution will be the intelligent revolution. As a global leader in the development of the IoT, China will work with other nations to set the game rules." He Xuming said.

Nowadays, both developed and developing countries have made their own national action plan on IoT development. However, their understanding of IoT differs, resulting in different structures and standards and they don't have the whole picture of human history in minds while looking at this new area.

He Xuming believed that IoT will completely transform people's life and work to a greater extent than Internet does, "We call it the intelligent revolution as it comes after the agricultural, industrial and information revolutions. In this connect ion, we hope that organizations, IoT leading enterprises, international organizations and social organizations from both developing countries and developed countries can take the lead in IoT development and set the rules together so as to guide global IoT innovation and development."

"Global IoT enterprises, standards research and development institutions and organizations are welcomed to jointly build the universal standards of world IoT; we advocate China and global financial institutions,listed companies and relevant enterprises to jointly establish the world Internet of things fund in order to promote the development of the world's IoT industry, to serve human's wisdom life, and make 'Chinese Dream' become the 'World Dream' which can benefit people's life and work all over the world."says He Xuming.