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The Belt and Road Initiatives and the World Internet of Things——WIOTC Sharing Economy Conference

2017-5-15 16:11:40

The Belt and Road Initiatives and the World Internet of Things

——WIOTC Sharing Economy Conference

On April, 27, 2017, World Internet of Things Convention Sharing Economy Conference was held in Beijing Headquarter Bases. Scholars, experts, entrepreneurs and diplomatists of more than 10 countries and regions, such as France, Germany, England, America, Singapore, Portugal, Rwanda, Benin, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong attended this conference. Representatives and experts of many organizations participated in the conference and had a heated discussion about the topics such as The Belt and Road Initiatives and IOT Innovation, Sharing Economy and IOT, and World IOT Unified Standard. The organizations include ISO, ISO/IEC IOT Standard Working Group, Germany IOT Standard Working Group, BSI, IEEE China, ZTE, Beijing Unicom, China Electronic Technology Group, Alliance of Shaanxi IOT Industry, IOT Innovation Alliance, Z-Park IOT Industry Alliance, and WIOTC Hong Kong Branch. Shi Dinghuan, Former Counselor of State Council, Former Secretary General of Technology Department, is appointed as the Advanced Advisor of WIOTC Experts Committee. WIOTC Hong Kong Branch and IOT Innovation Alliance Intelligent Logistics Industry Centre were founded.

He Xuming, Chairman of World IOT Foundation, Executive Chairman of WIOTC was giving the opening speech

He Xuming, Chairman of WIOTC Foundation, Executive Chairman of WIOTC said: "We should deeply carry out economic cooperation with 'The Belt and Road Initiatives' countries and support the IOT infrastructure construction of surrounding countries with innovated world IOT architecture technology. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, human society is entering the new era of wisdom revolution represented by IOT, so as to create a new global economy where objects, human beings, and things are connected. This is the inevitable development of history. And the key is to build the main standard for world IOT top architecture, by which global sharing sustainable economy can be formed, and global IOT industry can have a healthy and orderly development." Chairman He Xuming also interpreted the strategic definition, guiding ideology and target measures of the innovative IOT from multi-dimensions such as the sustainable development of the world economy, the progress of human society and the "World Dream" of building the community of shared future for mankind, which was proposed by Chairman Xi Jinping.

Shi Dinghuan, former Counselor of State Council, former Secretary General of Technology Ministry was delivering a speech

Shi Dinghuan, former Counselor of State Council, former Secretary General of Technology Ministry mentioned: "Currently, the development of global human society has entered into new era represented by the green wisdom revolution. Green means sustainable development, while wisdom refers to IOT. I hope to make innovation for IOT, including technology innovation, theoretical basis innovation, and system and mechanism innovation. Meanwhile, demonstration work, talent cultivation of IOT application, and especially standard making should be paid more attention. Because it is difficult to form an integral developmental situation without the guiding standard. We can explore how to share in IOT new economy through analyzing the pattern of bike sharing. This conference is very important."

Detlef Tenhagen, Chairman of Germany IOT Standard Working Group was giving a video speech

Detlef Tenhagen, Chairman of Germany IOT Standard Working Group said: "In Germany, Industry 4.0 is one of most important factor of IOT. Meanwhile, China and Germany had work a lot on IOT, such as intelligent manufacturing, urbanization, smart city, smart health and smart logistics. We found a new working group in the purpose of pushing global intelligent manufacturing. It belongs to ISO/IEC JTC1/AC41 and ISO/IEC JTC1/WG10 as well. I believe WIOTC and Germany can deeply cooperate to promote future development and cooperation for the world."

Zhuang Qingwei, Diplomatist of Singapore Embassy was giving a wonderful speech

Zhuang Qingwei, Diplomatist of Singapore Embassy said: "IOT in Singapore reflects in the smart city, such as wisdom government administration and wisdom health, etc. In future, Singapore will realize a new plan and build wisdom country. And IOT is the most important factor for wisdom country. To achieve interoperability, countries should first forge consensus on security issues, data protection, interoperability, standards, licensing and resource allocation."

Doctor Shen Jie, Chief Editor of ISO/IEC IOT Standard Architecture was giving a speech

Doctor Shen Jie, Chief Editor of ISO/IEC IOT Standard Architecture mentioned: "We had worked on IOT research for nearly 15 years. The most fundamental thing in all the IOT standards is IOT architecture standard. IOT is a new complicate ecological system, in which the most important point is creating IOT top architecture. Currently, there is the phenomenon that 'the blind man feels an elephant' (to take a part for the whole) in the IOT industry. It is short of the height and direction for social development. We bring up 'Six Domain Reference Model of IOT' for building application industry system of IOT, which gets recognition from ISO/IEC international standard and is also the first IOT reference architecture international standard brought up by China."

Mr. Lu Wenjie, Counselor of Rwanda Embassy was giving a speech

Mr. Lu Wenjie, Counselor of Rwanda Embassy said: "We are building smart city. Some of our Chinese friends are also working on it. The project composes 6 countries, which are Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and so on. East African Countries are trying to do some related work to connect all these countries together. I hope you can go to invest in Rwanda and cover the whole East Africa, which is a very potential region in the Africa."

The Dialogue about Sharing Economy and IOT

Zhang Hua, President of IOT Innovation Alliance, Gu Rongxiang, President of Alliance of Shaanxi IOT Industry, Zhang Yuansheng, representative of Z-park IOT Industry Alliance, and Zhao Zhigang, executive chairman of WIOTC Hong Kong Branch attended the Sharing Economy and IOT Dialogue. Zhang Hua, host of the dialogue mentioned: "IOT covers industrial systems of 16 industrial areas, such as smart city, smart transportation and smart health. This system is omnipotent. In fact, as a sharing economy, the development of IOT products and all the solutions for IOT wisdom industries can be considered as main platform for sharing economy." Gu Rongxiang said: "Sharing economy is a economic model. IOT sharing economy is a new topic and worthy for deep discussion from all social sectors." Chairman Zhao Zhigang said: "By using IOT, big data and cloud computing, sharing economy can promote efficient use of world energy and resources, so as to promote the process of the whole society and economy in the era of wisdom revolution."

High End Dialogue about World IOT Standard

There was also a high end dialogue about world IOT standard. Shen Jie, Chief Editor of ISO/IEC IOT Standard Architecture hosted this dialogue. This conference was pushed to a climax around the topics like "Why to create world IOT standard", "How to participate in world IOT standard system" and "Whether standard making needs to consider sharing economy or not", which were participated and discussed intensely by Zhu Jianwei, representative of ISO, Zhao Meng, standard expert IEEE China, Zhao Xiaowu, Chief Engineer of ZTE Standard, Su Min, Industry Director of Beijing Unicom IOT Centre, and Fan Maojun, Professor of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

Chairman of Cavendish Group extended his wishes for successfully holding this conference

Koos Tesselaar, Chairman of Cavendish Group extended his wishes for successfully holding this conference. He also indicated that he was willing to jointly build IOT network system, contribute to wisdom life of human beings, and try his best to support and participate in the World Internet of Things Convention.

Chen Dalong, Executive Chairman of European Headquarters congratulated on the successful convening of the conference. He also said that preparatory work of European Headquarters was orderly carrying out. A lot of overseas Chinese and IOT organizations were united to push forward wisdom life and promote global economic innovation.

WIOTC Hong Kong Branch and IOT Innovation Alliance Wisdom Logistics Industry Centre was founded

When the audience clapped for WIOTC signing contract and awarding certificates with Hongyuntong Logistics Company and WIOTC Hong Kong Branch, the conference came to an end.