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World Internet Of Things Convention (WIOTC) is the world's unique international organization of IOT new economy. It has established intercontinental headquarters in five continents and branches in countries and regions such as China, France, Singapore, Germany and Hong Kong, which add up to nearly 20. Its LOGO, Chinese name and English name are all registered as trademark in America, China and Hong Kong.

World Internet Of Things Convention (WIOTC) is an annual international summit held in different countries and regions all over the world, and has IOT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. as its designated host. More than 40 international conventions have been successively held.

It first proposed the concept of world IOT and the idea that IOT r…

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The Internet of Things Innovation Alliance (IOTIA) is a cooperative innovation platform initiated and created by World Chinese Business Alliance, World Internet of Things Convention Organizing Committee and Chinese Internet of Things Development Fund Preparatory Committee. Following the spirit of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” brought up by Primer Li Keqiang, such platform for cooperation and innovation was formed for all startups, innovation companies and enterprises in transition to better understand the structure of the emerging Chinese and global IOT economy, to advance and take the lead in the coming intelligent IOT era, to facilitate the development of the IOT industry and to join in the investment, cooperation, production and spread of IOT industry, thus accomplishing the mission of the WIOTC.

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