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The World Internet of Things Ranking List (WIOTRL) is a public benefit activity jointly organized by the World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC), which is the unique international organization focusing on IoT and convention brand, together with the World Internet of Things Foundation and many countries' IoT organizations and institutions.

WIOTRL is the top ranking of the global IoT new economy, including four categories: “World IoT Enterprise Rankings, World IoT Industry Rankings, World IoT Product Rankings, and World IoT Most Potential Rankings”. As the most influential and comprehensive ranking, which is impartial, cutting-edge, leading and global, WIOTRL has been recognized and participated by the UN agencies, industry organizations, IoT giants, experts and scholars, and other social sectors. WIOTRL has become a vane of the IoT industry organizations, enterprises, technologies, products, solutions and innovative applications, demonstrating the strength of high-tech leaders in the era of "Wisdom Revolution”.

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