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Notice on Launching the 2019 World Internet of Things Ranking List

Relevant government agencies, international organizations, IoT associations and enterprises,

The World Internet of Things is a digital and intelligent ecological integration network for the new generation of information technology. It is a new economic carrier for the rapid development of information intelligence technology and the deep integration of the real economy. With the global deployment and application of 5G, 2019 will be the year of explosive growth of the IoT industry, which will strongly promote the development of the world IoT industry.

The World IoT Ranking List has been actively participated and recognized by thousands of IoT giants from around the world such as Huawei, Bosch, SAP, Infineon, CASIC and China Unicom; reported and reprinted by thousands of global media; and received attention and support from experts and scholars, associations, government agencies, and international organizations from many countries around the world. As one of the world's largest, most comprehensive and most impartial authoritative rankings of the IoT, the World IoT Ranking List has guided the sustainable and healthy development of the IoT in all countries of the world and played an active role in promoting and encouraging the development and upgrading of the world IoT smart economy.

In order to better organize the 2019 World IoT Rankings List, ensure the rankings are conducted in an open and fair manner, encourage industries transform and upgrade to the IoT, commend the units and enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the IoT, and encourage global enterprises to upgrade and develop towards the IoT. WIOTC, World IoT Ranking List Working Committee and other international organizations jointly decide to launch the 2019 World IoT Ranking List from today and start the application and selection of excellent enterprises in the world. This ranking involves industries such as industry, agriculture, artificial intelligence, logistics, intelligent transportation (including internet of vehicles), WIT120, environmental protection and energy, and 5G, covering solutions and hardware and software products of sensory perceptual system, cloud computing, big data, storage system and intelligent terminals. The enterprises that participate in the rankings have the opportunity to become suppliers of the world of IoT products, enjoy the IOTIA membership benefits, and show its information in the “World IoT Excellent Enterprise Information Base”. Excellent enterprises will be publicized in early August to solicit opinions from the public, the final list will be announced to the public in early September and the certificate will be issued at the 2019 World IoT Convention.

Welcome IoT enterprises from all over the world to apply for the world IoT excellent enterprises and compete for the 2019 World IoT Ranking List (this is a public benefit activity; apply for the rankings is for free).

Hereby announced.

World Internet of Things Convention

World IoT Ranking List Working Committee

March 25, 2019

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2019 WIOTRL Certificate
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2019 WIOT Excellent Enterprise Information Base
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