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Diplomats of Canadian Embassy and Entrepreneur of Switzerland visited WIOTC Headquarters

2017-7-26 15:22:26

World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) is an international organization for the IOT new economy. Aimed to promote the global development of IOT new economy, WIOTC will cooperate with the relevant global institutions.

Recently, He Xuming, Chairman of World IOT Foundation and Executive Chairman of WIOTC met with Director Mike Dodd and other business specialists from Canadian Embassy to discuss about investment and cooperation. They invited Chairman He Xuming to attend the “2017 ITS World Congress”, which is a top level convention in the area of global intelligent transportation system and service and will be held in Canada. 

Chairman He Xuming and representatives from Canadian Embassy

In addition, Chairman He Xuming also met with Salar Shahna, who is the Co-Founder of World VR Forum from Geneva, Switzerland. They discussed about cooperation in the IOT industry and establishing institutions.

Chairman He Xuming communicates with Salar Shahna, Co-Founder of the World VR Forum

Chairman He Xuming and Mr. Salar Shahna