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Internet Of Things Innovation Alliance Formed In Beijing Fengtai ABP In China

2016-4-12 11:53:59

World Internet Of Things Convention Executive Chairman,Chairman of World Chinese Business Alliance He Xuming delivered a speech

On January 17, 2016, Beijing auspicious snow swirling in the capital, fengtai ABP hotel cheery red feast.

The world Internet of things convention after the press conference held successfully for the first time, the world Chinese businessman alliance, world Internet of the things committee, China's IOT development fund organising committee, China's new media industry federation jointly sponsored by the Internet of things, such as IOT innovation alliance founding conference was held here. Zhang hua is the director, the congress election Han Xiongliang vice director, Gao Fangzhi for, deputy executive director of the Liang Zi as secretary-general.

Union positioning: IOT development fund in China under the guidance of the preparatory committee, the organizing committee of the world Internet of things convention, about Internet knowledge and promote the Internet of things industry development, support the opening of the world Internet of things convention, for individuals and enterprises in the era of Internet of things in the future new business opportunities and set up the non-profit, service-oriented organization; Is to promote and help individuals or companies seek new business opportunities in the Internet of things industry of entrepreneurial platform.

Opening ceremony the iot innovation alliance

League goal: gathering business intelligence, creative talents, with entrepreneurial aspirations of individuals, organizations to carry out the content rich variety of forms of interactive activities, cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation consciousness, promote entrepreneurship, innovation ability, promoting the fusion of talents, projects and funds.

Alliance structure: to set up the alliance board of directors, appointed director, executive director and deputy director, director unit, the secretary-general position personnel; Set up union advisory committee, and appointed chairman of the committee, vice chairman, member of the post personnel; Union members level for enterprises, a member of the group members and individual members;

Conference, world iot convention execution, chairman of world Chinese businessmen alliance, chairman of He Xuming said: "according to a new normal innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing under the concept of development, in the" public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation "under the big background, in order to make each business elite, innovative enterprises, transformation of deep understanding of China and the global Internet of emerging economies, grasp the opportunities of the future Internet of things era, promote the development of Internet industry, we founded the" coupon "Internet innovation.

Its purpose is: alliance, a new economy, the Internet of things together round national revival of the Chinese dream. Let the ranks of the Internet of things industry park enterprises investment cooperation and product promotion, participate in the work of world conference on the Internet of things, the trend of The Times leading the Internet of things wisdom, to greet the arrival of the age of the Internet of things. "

World Internet of things convention, executive chairman of He Xuming gave nameboards iot innovation alliance, chairman of the alliance. Iot innovation alliance director zhang said, "we will do our best to construct alliance into specification, innovation, the union, raise the raise more resources, equity, capital and talent. We sincerely invite domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises and peer new alliance to join the Internet of things. Jointly promote the development of the Internet of things industry".

Iot vice President of innovation alliance organization representative, alliance Han Xiongliang delivered a speech

Iot innovation alliance organization representative, vice President of union Han Xiongliang said, "China's new media industry association as one of the originators of alliance, will try to cooperate with the league of various organization work, the establishment of the league itself is an innovation. Yesterday, the Chinese President xi jinping declared set up the" Asian investment bank, "the world Chinese businessman association President He Xuming announced today set up Internet innovation alliance, fortunately, here, I wish to have more business elite to join the union, and all the wisdom, raise the raise connections, in order to realize China's dream, my dream and work hard!"

World Internet of things convention tianjin branch was formally established

Iot innovation alliance set up a committee of experts, and first senior consultant certificate, they respectively are institute of China electronics technology group third iot expert professor Fan Maojun, winai raksuntorn iot expert professor of tsinghua university, Beijing's first light professor Chen Chaoyong, dean of institute of information technology, the national school of administration, founder of sensing iot Yang Jianyong Wang Yukai professor.

Institute of China electronics technology group, the third Internet experts, iot innovation alliance committee of experts, senior consultant Fan Maojun best quotes on the Internet of things was made: "with the development of science and technology, the configuration of the Internet of things will be far more than people's understanding and imagination. Now spread at that time from the beginning of the cable transmission to wireless transmission today. From the electric transmission, the transmission of light. From the electrical signals, to the light signal, covering the whole frequency domain. A variety of objects, and all kinds of information of cross-domain communication, can become a reality in the future. The future will not be passed to humans through the information transmission way to realize people and people, and things (MtoM) nature and the environment of people, animals and plants of wider communication. At the same time, information, manufacturing, service is the indispensable basic needs of society in the future, with the combination of a variety of information services, need a wide range of practitioners and third industry personnel will be the future national transformation and upgrading and absorb important exports of the population. Therefore, entrepreneurs can according to their respective industry, we are familiar with the modern information technology to the fields."

Internet innovation alliance committee of experts, senior consultant Fan Maojun make wonderful speech

World iot convention Hao Changyou tianjin representative office chief, said, "we will cooperate fully with the headquarters of the work, make sure of investment promotion in tianjin region, the propaganda work, making comprehensive services" for the local Internet enterprise.

The establishment ceremony of Internet innovation alliance

Iot entrepreneurs representatives spoke, "we hope to be able to get through congress, China can go to the international products and technology, the development of the world's leading technology, promote the development of Chinese economy. At the same time also hope alliance formed to drive the development of our relevant enterprises more quickly". Was set up after the ceremony, by the Internet of things, a famous poet, spokesman of the purple o team as guest has a group of excellent performance. Subject to carry forward the positive energy, stick to the Chinese dream. To win the praise of the guests present.

Iot some innovation alliance members

The Internet of things will be adhering to the innovation alliance, do a good job in all aspects of the service for entrepreneurs and related institutions, also welcome more entrepreneurs to link up, together to build a good platform.